• We have been working with Michael for over a year now at PLx Pharma. Our new product has a complex manufacturing process that needs to be coordinated with multiple third-party suppliers and outsourced processes. Michael manages the project and keeps our team on task to ensure we achieve each deadline. He establishes great relationships with our vendors, gains their trust, and works with them to control costs in a firm yet friendly manner. Michael is very knowledgeable, responsive, and feels more like part of the PLx team versus a consultant. We know he works with multiple clients yet always makes us feel like we are priority number one. I highly recommend Virtual Bridge Partners as a strategic and focused business partner for your supply chain and project management needs.

    Rita O'Connor: CFO PLx Pharma Inc.

  • Virtual Bridge Partners was selected to conduct an assessment and optimization of Ricola USA’s packaging and logistics process as we evolved from a single country operation to a Regional North American team. Michael demonstrated his leadership and technical competence in every aspect of the assignment. He has that rare combination of strong technical skills coupled with the ability to work with a diverse group throughout our organization and our 3rd party suppliers.

    Michael was disciplined in his project management and brought real value to the strategic assessment while maintaining a thoughtful, gentle and pragmatic approach to working with the team. He brought real solutions to help Ricola deal with evolving our process to manage the doubling of our business. He was equally talented in engaging the team in dialogue, organizing and presenting the solutions to management, and sitting with team members to help them implement the recommendations. Finally, Michael is hard-working, conscientious and provides good value for your investment in solving supply chain issues.

    I would highly recommend Michael for any project that requires practical solutions, strongly influenced by best practices but fit your organization with good common sense. You will find him to be a nice guy to work with who creates real value.

    Bill Higgins: CEO Ricola USA, Inc.

  • Michael and I worked together at Bayer Consumer Care where I was head of Quality Assurance and Product Supply. Over the years, we worked together on many new product introductions, sourcing optimization plans, and technology transfer projects. Michael demonstrated his leadership and competence with every assignment. He had that rare combination of a technical background (advanced engineering degree) coupled with the ability to work with and manage the activities of diverse groups throughout the organization.

    Michael has many skills, but project management stands out in my mind. I recall how he produced Gantt Charts with hundreds of details and then simplified them to make them more useful for the implementation teams he led and for the management presentations he made. I also recall the many supply chain problems he solved to recover from production interruptions to keep our products on the shelves. He was always completely committed to the success of the organization.

    I would highly recommend Michael to you for any project that requires expertise combined with dedication and good common sense. You will find him to be not only a great asset to your organization but a real pleasure to work with.

    Chris Allen: Bayer Health Care - Consumer Care Division

  • Michael is an incredibly reliable, focused, relentless, and detail-oriented Operations expert. He was a fantastic asset for us to build our Contract Manufacturing Strategy and to drive the negotiation and execution. He is also a great Project Leader, and thanks to his keen eye for detail there is nothing that escapes him. He is also a pleasure to work with and you would be lucky to have him in your organization or as an independent consultant. I would do business with him again in a heartbeat.

    Luciana Nunez: CEO / Managing Director at U.S. Early Life Nutrition - Danone

  • Working as peers at Insight Pharmaceuticals, Michael was a fantastic business partner. He is technically competent in sourcing, supply chain, and project management, and is extremely personable. He gets along with everyone, but also has a very unassuming way of sticking to what he thinks is correct. Michael is an excellent manager, and the people that reported to him were very lucky to be working under his coaching and guidance. Michael is one of the best, if not the best project managers I have ever worked with. He is extremely organized, an excellent communicator, excellent at running an efficient project meeting, able to rapidly see how the different tasks impact one another and outstanding at keeping everyone on task. I have been fortunate to be able to hire Michael to run some projects for me in my current position at Clarion Brands. He has done a great job coming in as a consultant managing multiple projects and multiple business partners plus our internal groups, keeping complex projects on track while being flexible to the changing requirements of the projects.

    Larry Freedman: Vice President of Operations at Clarion Brands