Working as peers at Insight Pharmaceuticals, Michael was a fantastic business partner. He is technically competent in sourcing, supply chain, and project management, and is extremely personable. He gets along with everyone, but also has a very unassuming way of sticking to what he thinks is correct. Michael is an excellent manager, and the people that reported to him were very lucky to be working under his coaching and guidance. Michael is one of the best, if not the best project managers I have ever worked with. He is extremely organized, an excellent communicator, excellent at running an efficient project meeting, able to rapidly see how the different tasks impact one another and outstanding at keeping everyone on task. I have been fortunate to be able to hire Michael to run some projects for me in my current position at Clarion Brands. He has done a great job coming in as a consultant managing multiple projects and multiple business partners plus our internal groups, keeping complex projects on track while being flexible to the changing requirements of the projects.