Michael and I worked together at Bayer Consumer Care where I was head of Quality Assurance and Product Supply. Over the years, we worked together on many new product introductions, sourcing optimization plans, and technology transfer projects. Michael demonstrated his leadership and competence with every assignment. He had that rare combination of a technical background (advanced engineering degree) coupled with the ability to work with and manage the activities of diverse groups throughout the organization.

Michael has many skills, but project management stands out in my mind. I recall how he produced Gantt Charts with hundreds of details and then simplified them to make them more useful for the implementation teams he led and for the management presentations he made. I also recall the many supply chain problems he solved to recover from production interruptions to keep our products on the shelves. He was always completely committed to the success of the organization.

I would highly recommend Michael to you for any project that requires expertise combined with dedication and good common sense. You will find him to be not only a great asset to your organization but a real pleasure to work with.