Virtual Bridge Partners was selected to conduct an assessment and optimization of Ricola USA’s packaging and logistics process as we evolved from a single country operation to a Regional North American team. Michael demonstrated his leadership and technical competence in every aspect of the assignment. He has that rare combination of strong technical skills coupled with the ability to work with a diverse group throughout our organization and our 3rd party suppliers.

Michael was disciplined in his project management and brought real value to the strategic assessment while maintaining a thoughtful, gentle and pragmatic approach to working with the team. He brought real solutions to help Ricola deal with evolving our process to manage the doubling of our business. He was equally talented in engaging the team in dialogue, organizing and presenting the solutions to management, and sitting with team members to help them implement the recommendations. Finally, Michael is hard-working, conscientious and provides good value for your investment in solving supply chain issues.

I would highly recommend Michael for any project that requires practical solutions, strongly influenced by best practices but fit your organization with good common sense. You will find him to be a nice guy to work with who creates real value.